Who Are You Listening To?

I’m a believer in the power of the spoken word, I’m a huge believer in self talk and the science of what gets programmed into your brain or what you speak is what you get in life.  Have you ever noticed that people who constantly speak of what they don’t want in life and are constantly complaining about what ails them continue to get exactly that.  Alternatively, those that are constantly upbeat and positive and speak about what they want as if it’s a done deal and only a matter of time before they have it constantly seem to have good things happen in their lives. I don’t think this is a coincidence. This story is a good example of just this.

One day a group of tiny frogs arranged a competition, the goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. On the day of the competition a big crowd gathered around the tower as the competitors got ready to climb. No one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would make it to the top. They shouted remarks like “It’s way too difficult,” “They will never make it,” The tower is too high,” “There’s no chance they will succeed.”

One by one the competitors started collapsing, except for those who, with a fresh burst of energy, climbed even higher. The crowd continued to yell “It’s too difficult, give up, you can’t do it.” Sure enough more and more gave up, except one tiny frog, the smallest of them all, he kept going higher and higher and higher. He just would not give up! After a heroic effort he finally reached the top.

After the winner was declared all the others wanted to know how the frog had done it.  They were all puzzled until a friend of the winner let them in on a little secret…the winner was deaf.

The wisdom in this story and the lesson in life is:

1)  Never listen to other people’s negative comments because they will steal away your greatest dreams, the ones in your heart.

2)  Always think of the power words have, because everything you read and hear affects your actions.

3)  Always be positive, even in failure, because success is made of a bunch of failures that did not defeat you.

And Above All

Be deaf to those who speak negative over you, always think “I can do this.” Never allow others to steal your dreams.

Now!  Who Are You Listening To?

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