Using Videos to Augment Your Brand

I was in a meeting this past week when I suddenly remembered an amusing old video from Ogilvy called “The Search For The World’s Greatest Salesperson.” The video series was part of a contest, and it really got the Ogilvy name out there. You can see my personal favorite below:

The campaign was funny, original, and succeeded in delivering Ogilvy’s message in a few short and succinct videos. It got me thinking of some of the video work we have planned for the Wish Group, so I thought I’d share how we decided that video was imperative for brand awareness, and why it needs to be part of your marketing plans this year.

No One Reads Anymore: While some people still prefer to read articles, a staggering amount of time online is spent watching videos. According to Domo, 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and on top of that, 4 billion videos are watched online every day. These stats alone should be enough to motivate your company to produce some share worthy videos.

Viral Appeal: This is a bit of a double-edged sword, but great videos tend to be shared online at incredible speeds. There’s no doubt you’ve encountered Gangnam Style, the hit music video that has the most views online (more than one billion and counting). Brands have had success with viral videos as well, such as the “First Kiss” video for Wren Studio. I say at viral appeal is a double-edged sword because it creates the idea that every video you make needs to go viral, or it won’t be considered a success. This isn’t an further from the truth, and leads directly into my next point…

The Chance to Have Some Fun: At the end of the day, you need to remember to have fun while you’re making these videos. Maybe you’ll hit a home run and have a multimillion-view video, maybe you won’t. As long as you produce something original and creative on a regular basis, and are having fun while you’re making them, you’re guaranteed to at least get some people’s attention in the process.

I’m excited to share the great videos that will come out of the Wish Group later this year, but in the meantime here are the rest of the videos from the Ogilvy campaign. What are your plans for video this year?



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  1. Videos are very enticing and for me they are more effective because they can deliver messages across without asking audiences to read lengthy articles. Actually what I noticed is that nowadays, videos are made with quality to create an impact. There are lots that made me laugh while some even touched my heart.

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