Focusing is probably one of the hardest things to maintain in our daily lives. Whether we’re going through internal or external issues in our lives, it is always important to maintain focus. Throughout my career, getting rid of all the ‘noise’ that I’ve been surrounded with, has helped me maintain my success and growth as well as plan ahead for the future.

I’ve listed a few tips this week to help you maintain and get focused!

1. Meditation: Mediating is not only a great way to relax, but if you meditate for just 10 to 15 minutes each day it will improve your focus. You can easily transfer these skills to clearing your head and focusing on the work ahead of you. You can meditate when you first wake up or to wind down before bed, or even during both times.

2. Build up your focus stamina. To build your focus stamina, just give yourself a certain amount of time to do nothing but work on a certain task. When that time passes, see how long you can keep going before actually stopping, whether it’s just another five minutes or another half hour. Keep going until you feel you need to stop, and try to focus for longer the next day.

3. Read more. Reading is a great way to build up your focus. Try reading something without stopping for just thirty minutes, and slowly build your stamina to reading for a longer period of time. Being able to focus on the material in front of you, whether you’re reading a novel or a biography, will help you learn to focus on your work.

4. Multi task less and less.Though many people think that multi-tasking is a great way to accomplish goals more quickly and to get two or three things done at once, multi-tasking can actually be harmful to your growth.

With that said, don’t do too much at once. It may look and sound appealing but one thing is going to suffer. To be the best, you must do your best!

Stay focused.

– Frank.

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