Building Rapport

One thing I’ve always learned in business and sales is that you must build a rapport. Honestly, it is one of the most important soft skills to learn, regardless of whether you are an employee, manager or a job seeker finding jobs in Toronto. It is very important to learn how to establish rapport quickly with people. With people that haven’t spoken to or have met.                    

One thing you must to to start building a valued relationship is by being punctual. It builds a great starting rapport an also shows that you values people’s time. In addition, by doing that your showing a genuine interest and that you care about them. Don’t forget that people generally want to talk about things that affect them first, so start conversations by asking questions that show a genuine interest in their needs.

If you’re meeting someone for the first time in business and you’re having a conversation, mirror their postures and even their gestures when you speak to them . They will feel more relaxed. Once you have got into good rapport, you can slowly change the pace of conversation so that the remaining conversation can be done at your pace.

While the truth may not be important to everyone, it is not as much as a rapport breaker as over promising something and downplaying concerns and objections. So when in sales, make sure you set the right expectations and keep your word because your word means everything, especially in business.

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