Forward Thinking!

Have you ever been haunted by the past? I’m sure we all have! In most cases, always looking back at the past sometimes can hinder whatever is happening in the time being, thus effecting your future.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced constant change and disappointment and sometimes it’s been tough to get out of a bad situation. I’ve learned that as best you can, you must allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings and stop beating yourself up. Smile. Congratulate yourself for becoming aware of what’s going on in your life and having made the decision to change or eliminate it.

Change is good, and at times can be for the better. You must be willing to adapt to change and learn how to persevere through the hard times, especially in business. Finally, ask yourself “What do I need to focus on to make this change easy?”  This will be a change in perspective for most people because we believe that habit change is hard.  It’s not necessarily hard as much as it is hard work. You have to put in an effort everyday. How else can you see immediate results?

I could give you a million suggestions but overall the most important thing is to listen to that internal voice that’s been bothering you to change something now, before it’s too late.  Don’t let regret for past actions or lack thereof hold you back from doing something today that will make life better for you and those who you care about. Always remember to forget about the past, control the now, so you can better dictate YOUR future.


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