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Last week, I blogged about stress and how it could be detrimental not just in work, but also in life. In relation to the workplace, stress can stem from many things, but personally I find that most of all – stress can come in the workplace from not being prepared. We’re all chasing success one way or another and in order to achieve our goals we must be ready for when our number is called.

Have you ever had a board meeting, certification training, a presentation for a potential client and were over-stressed because of not being prepared? I’m sure we can all relate. Speaking from experience, spreading yourself too thin and not staying organized can not only hurt yourself but the team too.

To always stay on top of things, first I suggest that you prioritize and create a to-do list. Only do what matters. Avoid busy work and going in all directions. Say no to stuff that won’t move the needle. In addition, make sure to have an objective. What is the end goal? Refuse to accept vague goals. Find 100% clarity, then execute.

Also, Never add new tasks in front of the queue, add them to the bottom. Complete what you are doing first. So that you can focus on the latter. You never want to overwhelm yourself with old tasks that should have been completed prior.

Everyone wants to have a career with a work-life balance. Make sure you stay organized by creating and managing your schedule in a calendar. Review each week ahead of time on Sunday so that you are prepared for the work week. Use time blocks for different types of calls, meetings, and even email, family time and workouts. By committing to your schedule it will give you a peace of mind knowing that each day your being as efficient and organized as possible. At times, something may come up that you have to attend to. Make sure to assess the situation or opportunity before making an impulsive decision. If it’s not on the calendar, don’t do it. Don’t assume that you will be working on something unless it is on your calendar.

Furthermore, don’t forget about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself, it’s very important. A healthy mind will bring forth great productivity. Take breaks during the day and use the weekends to relax and rejuvenate. Regular exercise is highly recommended. Block off exercise times on your calendar, commit to it –  or it won’t happen. Lastly, make sure you get enough sleep. Nothing is better than being rested for another work day with a good night’s sleep.

Hopefully you will find some of these tips useful. Feel free to add tips that worked for you in the comments section below.

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