How to not go Cold in the Heat …

We’re in the month of June here in Canada. Very exciting in terms of weather, but in business – sometimes things can turn cold. In the summer months there’s vacation time, holidays, and not to mention the attitude to relax and go out and enjoy the ‘heat’. In result, this can make it harder to reach annual goals internally.

When you are selling, getting connected to decision makers is critical. Whether it’s current clients, referrals or cold leads you can’t sell to people you can’t communicate with.

To get the most out of this summer’s selling season, you need to do a few things -differently.

Here are some recommendations that I instill in to practice here at the Wish Group to ensure as a whole we meet our goals and objectives for the quarter:

1. Build your calendar now for the entire summer.

This is very important. Right now in June, these are the times during which making new connections or getting current deals to close are going to be the most difficult. They should include holiday weeks as well as your own vacation weeks.

You’ll need to use those weeks for something other than the final stages of closing or the initial stages of opening new relationships.

2. Talk to key clients now.

I hope you’ve been building and maintaining a rapport on all your prospects. I guarantee that Summer vacations are already on many of your client’s calendars. Get them on your calendar too. Build a relationship by asking about their vacation plans and set up a time to follow- up once they get back so that it’s fresh on their mind in their work week.

3. Think past your buyer to the decision-making network.

Often several people have to sign off on on purchases or proposal approvals. If you don’t know when the key players in your deals will be gone, then your contract can get delayed. Ask the right questions to get the information you need to ensure you can close the deal and within your desired time frame.

4. Use the summer to set up for the fall.


As a result, the transition from summer to fall is like shifting from first gear to fifth in about a two-week period.  Use the summer for planning so you can set yourself up for this burst of activity between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Your goal should be to make your goals and obtain your bonuses by the end of the fiscal year. Don’t wait. Start now!

5. Consider syncing your vacation plans.

Try and identify a period during the summer that will be the least productive for you, that may be a good time to take your own vacation. Take that time to recharge so you can be ready during the more high productivity periods.

The highest-level performers always  try to get the most for any investment of time. Looking more strategically at your summer can help you make the best use of your own time.

Have a great week!


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