Don’t Back Out!

From launching a business, to asking someone out on a date, to kicking an addiction, to going to the gym when you feel lazy or aren’t feeling proud to show off your body…

Life is full of moments where fear can easily take over, and convince you to back out.  I see this everyday with my associates, fellow entrepreneurs and even observing my children.  Whether it’s one of our candidates who we’ve found a dream job for but they become afraid of the change or the uncertainty, to skipping another workout people are constantly backing out.  Today I have a challenge for you and it’s an easy one, simply DON’T BACK OUT.  That’s it.

Next time you feel that fearful voice creeping in, clouding your intentions, sneakily convincing you to back away from the big (or small) step that you KNOW you need to take… tell fear to shut the bleep up. Don’t back down. Don’t slink towards the exit. Don’t back out on yourself.

Lots of people think fear is the opposite of love, or its false evidence appearing real.  Let’s analyze it for a moment because from my experience and studying it from a neurological perspective, fear is the brains way of dealing with uncertainty.  Unless you’re in mortal danger and in that case I would advise you to run!  Most of the time fear is simply anxiety about not having an exact blue print of what’s ahead.  So in fact using fear as a guide out of your comfort zone will often lead to growth and a huge breakthrough so long as you have the courage!  One of my favorite Anthony Robbins quotes is that, “your happiness directly correlates to your relationship with fear and uncertainty.”

Make a commitment to make today your step into your fear day, and remember:

Don’t back out.



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