Trust Your Struggle …


Success is a beautiful thing. It really is. At times I look back and tell myself, “Thank God I kept going”. I can’t lie, it was never easy at all. At times, I thought of giving  up but in all actuality I actually continued to keep going. As you can see I’m still here. Still going. Still moving …

The journey is always a rewarding one. It moulds you into the person you want to be. Experience is everything and regardless of what naysayers may tell you don’t trust their words, trust your struggle instead.

Every day I wake up with a new found energy because my passion drives me. I love to win! I love watching my company grow. Through my journey I’ve learned so much. Most importantly, I’ve learned that regardless of the past you must focus on the NOW. That’s all you can control.

Never get ahead of yourself, even if you’ve had a history of winning. As history has made evident, even the little guy can take the big guy down. Take time each day to starve your ego and feed your soul. Sacrifice will take you where you truly want to be. Be true to yourself and ask yourself what your vices are and get rid of them! Let go of negative energy, because it won’t do any good for you other than weigh you down.

On a positive note, if you’ve started you’re way ahead of anyone who hasn’t started trying. Life is a beautiful struggle—it truly is. There will be set backs. There will be stumbling blocks along the road. Pick yourself up and keep your eye on the prize, I guarantee it will be a rewarding experience. Accepting when things are tough, it’s for your benefit in the end; a life lesson that needs to be learned.

I’ll see you at the finish line.


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