Judge yourself before you are judged …

One topic a lot of us don’t like to give too much thought to is our flaws as they relate to our profession. It’s easy for us to focus on things we’re good at, and ignore things we aren’t. Whenever success comes, we tend to get drunk on it and lose touch with reality. But the fact remains:  in moments of triumph, not everything will go as planned—and it’s awareness of that fact that’ll reveal those aspects of ourselves we aren’t entirely in tune with—flaws. If you start paying greater heed to your flaws, you’ll realize they’ll eventually become easier to come to terms with, as I’m sure you’ll find they can be seen  as opportunities to improve. Sure, you can be the type who focuses on their flaws and uses them as the fuel to the fire that further contributes to a negative self-image, but if you change perspective and recognize, by focusing on a flaw and looking to eliminate it, if you succeed, you’re free of a flaw, and likely, closer to your vision of an ideal. So next time a business maneuver goes as planned and you’ll feel that sense of elation, remember, those aspects that you intuitively feel went slightly awry shouldn’t be placed on the back burner. Self evaluate yourself always. It will keep you humble, hungry and wanting more.  Because the truth is, if you only focus  on those facets which were contributive to your success, you’re likely to become blind to those facets that’ll follow you from behind and eventually  get in front of you for a rude awakening; but, if you keep the good with the bad, and never let the bad out of sight, you’re likely to eliminate at least some of it, and you’d be surprised how that can contribute to your growth in your professional endeavours. Don’t be satisfied with being average, be awesome!


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