Have fun while you work …

For all you entrepreneurs out there, I’m sure you know there comes a time when you simply overworked yourself. You had a great idea, a great plan, but the execution  wasn’t easy by any means—and that’s where burnout might eventually set in. By no means there’s nothing to feel bad about if you’re going full speed ahead and eventually your energy runs out. It’s likely, however, you’l be in the dumps over slowing down and not being as prolific as you were before, and as a means to counteract that, you might stubbornly continue to plod along, risking eventual failure. So, at this juncture, when you  feel you’re not your hearty self who can work 18-hour days and still retain that feeling of when you started, slow down—take a break. What you’ll find is, by giving yourself some breathing space, allowing something else to preoccupy your time, whether it be going to see a Jays game or watching your favorite show on Netflix, I’m sure you’ll find how a little room for r&r will provide you with that much-needed rest that’ll pay dividends once you get back to what you’re doing best: giving it your all in the pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream. Have some fun while you work ..


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