There’s no I in Team ..

TEEAMIn any entrepreneurial endeavour it’s likely you’ll have a team that’ll play a fundamental part in sustaining and developing key aspects of your entrepreneurial enterprise. As it is with any group, you won’t find any two people that are exactly alike, so differences in personality/sentiment might arise that aren’t akin to fulfilling the goals of your team. Not to say that when you’ve got a group of different folk that that necessarily means there’ll be strife, but it might lead to some subtle inefficiencies you’ll be happy to do without. So here’s a few suggestions I have that are excellent team-building activities so you can improve your business and bring it to the next level.

Volunteering is a great way for your team to go out and do something that is meaningful and helpful in your local community; it’s a time to leave the office, eliminate the formalities of ‘office talk’, and truly give your team a chance to participate in more one-on-one time, which’ll likely result in a tighter-knit team. Field trips will also be in tune with building team bonds that’ll likely contribute to improving performance in the office. It’s a time to relax, kid around, and be on more friendly, impersonal terms with fellow teammates. And last but not least, professional development actives, such as any kind of icebreaking exercise, particularly if your team is fresh and everyone doesn’t quite know all too much about one or the other, then this’ll do you a world of good—starting off a team of newbies on the right foot, where everyone gets to know a bit about everyone else, will lead to greater relatability and hence a more prosperous team dynamic.

Remember. There’s no ‘I’ in team.


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