Small Wins can go a Long Way…


Winning is a beautiful thing. It really is. In the competitive marketplace sometimes its all we strive for in order to reach our goals. I’ve learned from the past that in order to positively make progress in obtaining your goals you must set realistic ones – early on. By doing so, you not only gain your confidence by obtaining small wins, but it also gives you the experience needed to plan accordingly and aim higher.

The climate is always changing. In fact, currently they say we are in a ‘recession’ and as a business owner these times can definitely be tough. For the most part, you have to stay humble regardless of how big you win because as you know – there’s always that down time. On a daily basis its important to ask yourself, “what progress have I made?”

Even when progress happens in small steps, a person’s sense of steady forward movement toward an important goal can make all the difference between a great day and a terrible one. Studies show that small wins often have a surprisingly strong positive effect, and small losses a surprisingly strong negative one.

On days when people have made real progress in work that matters to them, they end the day feeling more  motivated based off their interest in and enjoyment of the work. There’s plenty of research showing that, when people are more intrinsically motivated, they are more likely to be creative. This means that when your employees or colleagues have pulled off a real accomplishment, they may be more open to new, challenging work that calls for creativity. Trust me, employees want to succeed and they want to make a contribution to something. Work is not just about business. It is very personal to the people doing it.

Furthermore, there will be small wins. We all know that. Just ensure that as you build towards your goals and succeed, be prepared for minor or major setbacks as that is just the nature for any entrepreneur.

Don’t forget. You’ll either win or you’ll learn.

Have a great week.


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