What a Time to be Canadian!


Last night was an exciting evening not only for the city of Toronto but for all Canadians.  The Blue Jays have united a whole country with their recent run so it was exciting to see the big bats come out again on Monday and the liberal party has seemingly done the same in a historic revival of the liberal party going from third to a majority government with the biggest turn around in Canadian Political history.  Regardless of your sport or political affiliation, there was some inspiring lessons from the feat that I’d like to outline how you can apply to your personal business.

Although Canadians were eager for a change, and with his political lineage and charm he may have made it look easy, insiders will tell you Justin lead the Liberals to a monumental victory by deploying old school campaign tactics and good old fashioned hard work.  It won’t be easy for the Jays to come back and win this series against Kansas City, but regardless of if they win or lose I’m proud of the foundation they have set by improving the talent, values and thus the culture of the ball club.  This formula should result in a competitive team with a winning culture for years to come which will hopefully produce multiple championships like they did in the early nineties.

Although Justin won by majority vote we must not forget that it took hard work, discipline, dedication and determination to succeed. While studying these elections, I’ve noticed that various parties try to come up with so many different ways to creatively entice voters to vote for them. Whether it is by implementing PR stunts or by creating controversy to sway voters from voting for the opposition.  What I loved about Justin’s approach was his will to succeed regardless of the naysayers, his secret to success was by beginning his campaign over three years ago by meeting as many Canadians as possible. In fact, he visited their living rooms and dens coast to coast actively listening to what Canadians want and need for their future. This personable approach led to a great campaign roll out as Justin took the time ‘touching’ the people.

You can actually tie this strategy to business and sales. Regardless of the latest and greatest techniques to build your sales funnel, business or connections, the ‘old-fashioned’ way will always guarantee results. By investing time in making the phone calls to get in front of clients and prospects and getting to know their goals and objectives – you set the proper foundation for a great working relationship to ensure you know how to help them obtain their business goals. You’re setting up both your clients and yourself up for a great future.

This approach has helped us at The Wish Group produce 7 different Profit Hot 50 Star up companies over the past 11 years and it will definitely help invigorate your business as well for years to come. Canada still has a lot of great potential and I’m excited for change and the new challenges it brings.

What a time to be Canadian!



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