Persistence -Easier Said than Done


Many of you likely have New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show that of the 3 in 10 Canadians that made resolutions this year, that a whopping 73% will actually break them.

The key issue with setting resolutions, regardless of how simple or daunting they may be is that lack of persistence, especially in the first few months. This is no different than the day to day life of an entrepreneur.

Does this look familiar?!

day in the life

Well rest assured you’re not alone! Where you will stand solo however, is if you’re actually waiting for motivation to find you and toss you back on the path to persistence.

My recommendation-create your own ways to ensure that you stay on path and keep looking at the big picture even on the the hardest of days. Trying to get to your end results by shortcutting or trying to rush through something is not going to necessarily satiate your appetite for success. Think about trying to lose weight and instead of staying the course of eating right and excersing that you start taking the latest weight loss pills. Sure you’ll see results in the first few weeks but that’s likely your water weight. What happens after that?

Here are some ways to stay focused and persistent in your day to day efforts of reaching your bigger goal.

Birds of a Flock Fly Together

There’s a reason for this. People with the same mindset, work ethic, motivation and positive attitude as you will help keep you afloat on the days where you can hardly keep youself above water. In many cases these are also the type of people that will actually be able to understand what you’re talking about! Seeing what others like you are doing in the market, industry or world at large can serve as inspiration for other great ideas as well as possible synergies down the road. I had mentioned the importance of networking in a blog a few weeks ago and how doing so can also work to align you with people of the same mindset.

Learn Something New Every Day

I am hard pressed to go a day here at Wish Group without learning something new. Some of it may not be business related but you’d be surprised how much can be applied to busienss in some way or another!

reading exercise
No real surprise-the best way to learn especially for a busy entreprenuer like you is to read. Anything can be sourced at the tip of your fingers and much of this content is free.

Finish Lines Are Important

While you may be very focused on one major business goal – launching a new product, attaining a new client or creating a new campaign, I find it extreamly beneficial to have more than just one goal on the horizon.

One of the major reasons for losing momentum and persistence is that the win is far from being realized and motivtaion is based on wins. I try and set other goals, smaller or different in nature that I can feel good about realizing as I continue to make my way to the pot of gold.

Many entreprenusers find satisfaction in simply attaining a goal but something that can acutally be phyicslally enjoyed never hurts whether it be a new suit that you’ve been eying or something as simple as a night off with your signficant other and a good bottle of wine.

Plan To Succeed

Although excitement can take over, don’t over promise in hopes to win faster. This is a trap many people I speak to fall into even before setting out on their goal.

Think through the various aspects that will affect each of your dates like deliverables from external resources, market changes and yes, even holidays (just because we never stop working doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t!)

Once you’re comfortrable with your schedule work towards attaining those dates but as you know, likey too well, things change every day. Try and stay flexible where it makese sense so as to not lose your persisitence every time a challenge presensets itself.

Last but not least –

never give up

Have a great week.


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