The Right Fit

The Right Fit

Every enthusiastic business owner wants to hit the ground running as they serve up their new product or service to a market place of hungry consumers.

One of the most critical aspects to ensuring a smooth run is having a team of key players on board. This however, is much easier said than done.

Attracting prime talent is something that many entrepreneurs may find themselves patiently waiting on as they continue to build the reputation of the company across relevant stakeholders and the market at large.

Our staffing agency Peoplesource, part of Wish Group, focuses on taking care of this onerous task for thousands of employers and even top recruiters agree that timing is key.

When your company hits that ‘sweet spot’ however, you’ll start to see the shift take place. The once highly sought after contacts that you spent your time trying to convince to join your vision will be the ones that begin to take notice and reach out to you.

With that said, getting to his ‘sweet spot’ however, takes time and persistence. Remember you’re building a business, building customer and you’re also building an image in the market. There are a number of tactics you can actively apply as you continue to grow into the company that you want to be.

It’s All About the Employee

Successful companies actively invest in building out their employee programs and experiences as well as build a full PR plan behind promoting it. Google is a great example where you can find posts and articles around their incentive programs or read up on the positives of working for them on their Careers page.

Reach Out

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to networking and recruiting. Taking the time to search out best in class performers for specific areas requiring growth or leadership in your organization can present a very short list of potential candidates that are worth connecting with personally.

I’ve had a lot of success with this and have recently seen the time I’ve spent over the last ten years speaking with one such individual come to fruition.

After many years of informal discussions a good friend and colleague, Ben Lirangi has joined us as Director of Business Development. The Streaming Network offers leading technology marketing tools to the Canadian market place and is ready to move to its next level with Ben coming on board to address a new vertical for the organization.

Create a Positive Image

Aside from talking about how great it is to work at your organization a lot of your prime talent is going to consider the overall image of the company in the market. Large companies like Volkswagen who is still dealing with the emissions scandal or Chipotle Mexican Grill under fire for E. Coli are not likely to see a line of talent knocking at the door. Big or small, the day to day operations of your company will inevitably affect the type of talent you’ll be able to bring in the door-something additional to consider when allocating budgets to marketing and advertising as well.

As you continue to grow and create positive engagement with the market and key recruits you’ll find the momentum building. My one piece of advice is to never stop trying to find the right people to fit – they’ll eventually see the light!


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