Power of Video for Your Business

power of video for your business

The strength of video has been ever present, but it is only in the last few years or so that I began to actually see the powerful presence that video holds with regards to social media marketing and promoting a brand, company or service.

While I find videos generally interesting as a medium to share life stories I began to really get interested in how video was able to boost my business here at the Wish Group. The reports and surveys that have been done by various market experts continue to surprise as not only do videos continue to prove to be effective with B2C businesses but are just as important to B2B businesses.

Video Marketing Infographic
Video Marketing Inforgraphic

It seems like a no brainer given the accelerated ramp up of Youtube and advertising spend on the online property but I am constantly floored by the number of colleagues that I talk that either haven’t embraced the power of video or like many, may understand the need for more video content but don’t know where to get started.

It has been this trend and growing popularity that led to the recent launch of our newest endeavour here at the Wish Group, specifically with The Streaming Network. The Streaming Network Studio was built to provide these short format videos to businesses looking to address a number of video content needs. Aside from being a full production house that can take clients from concept to production and final product in about 48 hours, they also provide a the full experience at one flat rate making this a hugely budget-friendly option for any business.

Cisco recently reported that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic and that consumers who view video ads on a mobile device are 3 times as likely to click through. When considering video in your business the question is no longer if you can afford to create good video content, it’s more about how and when can ensure to get this done?

Aside from these growing trends there are a number of other facets that video content can address for a business.


Word of mouth has always been the best source of business. I actually have business partners and contacts that rely almost entirely on referrals to drive their small businesses. Taking it to the next level can be done with video testimonials and focus on what one single person truly enjoyed about your particular service or product. Reading a 300 word post will receive much less attention than a 30 second video that is easier to digest as well.

Social Media

All of the social media platforms allow for video and there’s a reason for that. Again there is a huge benefit available to businesses that get on board.

Video Marketing Infographic

A Great Way to Tell A Story

While the market place will be seeing a lot more video content coming from the companies here at the Wish Group I have been using the tactic in segments to tell the market about what we do here and have seen a much higher engagement than when I send out an email campaign or create a post.

I also use video internally to share the month’s review and key notes with the entire team –making it easy for employees to catch up on what’s happening across the company without having to read through a 500 email. In the last six months of introducing this to the teams we’ve seen an instant increase in open rates and engagement!

The numbers clearly speak for themselves, and clearly they are not to be ignored. If there’s one thing I want to stress this week it’s to really think about building a video content strategy into your business and when considering budget, don’t bulk this into marketing alone. There is so much more value available here. From recruitment, to public relations to building corporate culture and social media value there are endless opportunities to grow your business with the power of video.

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