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creating content

Smart business owners, especially those in the B2B space cannot continue to shelve the importance of content marketing. Since it is one of the most time consuming items on a company’s marketing list and one that requires constant dedication, content marketing unfortunately ends up on the back burner on a list of ‘to dos’.

As an entrepreneur, you have tons unique content, input and insight that can be used to develop content marketing pieces. We have focused a lot more of our efforts on this here at the companies under the Wish Group. Each new piece of content is not only aiding in achieving content marketing goals like becoming thought leaders and a key source for information to help move prospects through the buying cycle but is working internally to create a new stream of momentum and excitement within the teams. Sales teams are excited to have something new to share with their clients and prospects as well as on their social media. Marketing is motivated to continue putting out pieces that teams can get behind, and finally the business owners and managers themselves are inspired to review, and compile valuable content to share with the market.

A recent review of The Streaming Network, the virtual events specialists here at the Wish Group revealed a high performance year overall with some amazing numbers with regards to webinars run and engagement. The statistics were turned into an easy to read infographic which will become one of the new pieces of content for the upcoming website as well as something that can be shared by the Sales team s when speaking to prospects and clients.

tsn year in review

If you’re still a bit behind on content marketing find the key people on your team that can help formulate the structure of your strategy. From there you’re going to need to start compiling and organizing useful, helpful and marketing related material to start sharing. There are a number of ways to do this, here are a few that have proven successful for us.


Infographics are a great and simple representation of basic to very intricate statistics that otherwise may be overwhelming for your audience to engage with. I find that they are also great pieces of visual support for presentations used across the organization.

growth of infographics

Case Studies

We use a lot of case studies for work at the Mike Agency where the information lends itself to the format. Showcasing our skill set at the agency by focusing on how we were able to take a client from step one to completion is another piece of content that not only serves its purpose for digital marketing but also for pitches and presentations.

mike agency case study


As you saw with The Streaming Network infographic, webinars are on the rise and Canadian companies are beginning to use them to deliver even more categories of content including training and corporate communications. Webinars are another popular form of content marketing for us here at the Wish Group.

Once you have your content, finding the right medium to deliver it with becomes an easier task. Good luck with starting, nurturing and growing your content marketing strategies and have a great week!


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