Embrace Uncertainty


After all the years working in a professional business realm I’ve tackled  feelings of being uncertain when it came to making tough decisions that I knew would have a direct effect on my vested interests. In the early stages of my career I’d be pestered by a whole lot of tasks that I wasn’t entirely certain on how I should handle—and that lead to a few stumbling blocks along the way that inevitably brought some decent opportunities to a limit.

In result, I started to pay greater attention to how my feelings of uncertainty were making my aspirations and career a whole lot harder than I realized they could be. This realization led me to come to terms with the fact that there’s rarely a time, if ever, when you won’t be at least a little uncertain; but the catch is: instead of having it work against you, like some burden of weight you carry on your shoulders, you should use it to your advantage. When a tough and complicated decision comes your way, use that uncertainty as the fuel to your fire which propels you to succeed. You’d be surprised. Something that at first comes across as a barrier blocking you from where you want to go, more often than not, is more like a steep set of stairs you can easily climb if you give it an honest go. So there you have it. Embrace those moments when you aren’t sure and don’t hide—you’d be surprised how a little change in perspective can lead you where you want to go.

Ten years from now there will be people who have achieved extraordinary success in every field of endeavor and they definitely won’t be people who have played it safe and stuck to ‘business as usual. Sometimes you need to stretch yourself and risk failure in the process. Don’t get to comfortable. Embrace uncertainty as it will help you realize how much you’re capable of doing.

“Uncertainty can ultimately enrich your life, or diminish it. Embrace it.”

Have a great week.


Find time Today and for the Future

As you’re reading this I hope this finds you well. How was your Canada Day? I hope it was relaxing. This day means a lot of things to many different people but for me besides getting a chance to kick back and celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest countries on earth, I like to remind myself how wonderful it is to be in a country where anyone with a dream and a product or service that people need and can afford can compete in the free enterprise system.

This week I want to address an issue I’ve heard leading up to this holiday which is the question of time. I’ve heard this so many times: “but I don’t have time for that”. While it’s true that time is limited, time is our most precious and limited resource, when I start talking to people about why they don’t have enough time, the picture becomes a little clearer as to how they could take their power back and really clean their calendar. I’m going to share with you some of my real time-saving strategies, because ultimately if it’s not on your calendar and if it’s not a routine or a ritual in your life, it will not come into fruition. Whatever you want to create, whether it’s an incredible healthy body or a successful business or whatever it might be – whatever you want to create requires time to be scheduled in your calendar and requires you to actually show up!

If your calendar is full of all kinds of other stuff from other people you’re never going to find time for you, and unfortunately you’re just going to slide into a mediocre boring life. You will become so resentful that you either just resign and say that’s just the way life is, or you get fired up and you hit a bottom and you say I’m never going to let this happen again. Maybe you’re at that place where you’re feeling frustrated that you want to do that creative project or work on your exercise and diet but just don’t have the time. If your ambition is to become successful, time shrinks the more successful you become. I found I had more time when just getting started than I do now with all these pressures and different deadlines. The key is to get your time and calendar right, and here’s how you got to do it. It’s very simple:

Learn to say NO: That’s the word you want to learn. No is how you detox your calendar, because if you look at your calendar and all the time that you’re spending with other people or on projects that you don’t want to be on, you would probably be shocked. Or if you’re honest, how much time are you spending on Netflix, HBO, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, doing things where you just let time pass by? People ask me all the time, how do you manage all those companies and still find time to travel, golf, give back to students and young entrepreneurs? It’s because I’ve become really good at saying the word no to distractions. When you have a hard time saying no, there’s usually two emotional issues. The first one is being okay with letting people down from time to time. You can do this without being out of integrity by being in communication with that person and re-negotiating the timing of when you can be present with them. The other emotional issue is when you create time to work on your projects, usually you’ve been spending so much time focusing on other people that there’s usually unfelt negative emotions inside you that you’ve been running from such as fear, guilt, or anger. We got to work on those emotions, because ultimately if you want to work on yourself and really take your business to the next level, exercise and take your body to the next level, or take your relationship to the next level, you’re going to have to work on yourself.
When you clear your calendar, all those emotions are going to well up, mainly the emotion of fear. Fear of whether it’s going to work out or fear if whether you’re good enough. Then we get to the real issue, which is not time, but rather the negative emotions and fear. How well you manage unfelt negative emotions and fear will determine the quality of your life. If you want to detox your calendar, believe in yourself and develop a daily ritual or a behavior every single day that leans you in the direction of getting all of your goals met.

For me, I need to read and do yoga or work on my body every single day. I always struggled with the time to do both with all the pre bedtime routines so I found that I can perform some stretches while reading every night before I go to sleep. It gives me time to distress and tune out all the distractions before bed so I can have a sound sleep and be recharged for what always seems to be a powerful day. You want to set yourself up so that you can actually do the behaviors and the rituals that make you the most fulfilled.

With that said, that would be my advice for you this week. Really take your calendar back to get the business results you want, the body you want, the relationship you want and ultimately the life you want.



Don’t Back Out!

From launching a business, to asking someone out on a date, to kicking an addiction, to going to the gym when you feel lazy or aren’t feeling proud to show off your body…

Life is full of moments where fear can easily take over, and convince you to back out.  I see this everyday with my associates, fellow entrepreneurs and even observing my children.  Whether it’s one of our candidates who we’ve found a dream job for but they become afraid of the change or the uncertainty, to skipping another workout people are constantly backing out.  Today I have a challenge for you and it’s an easy one, simply DON’T BACK OUT.  That’s it.

Next time you feel that fearful voice creeping in, clouding your intentions, sneakily convincing you to back away from the big (or small) step that you KNOW you need to take… tell fear to shut the bleep up. Don’t back down. Don’t slink towards the exit. Don’t back out on yourself.

Lots of people think fear is the opposite of love, or its false evidence appearing real.  Let’s analyze it for a moment because from my experience and studying it from a neurological perspective, fear is the brains way of dealing with uncertainty.  Unless you’re in mortal danger and in that case I would advise you to run!  Most of the time fear is simply anxiety about not having an exact blue print of what’s ahead.  So in fact using fear as a guide out of your comfort zone will often lead to growth and a huge breakthrough so long as you have the courage!  One of my favorite Anthony Robbins quotes is that, “your happiness directly correlates to your relationship with fear and uncertainty.”

Make a commitment to make today your step into your fear day, and remember:

Don’t back out.



Don’t Let Fear Hold Back Your Entrepreneurial Instincts

Don’t-Let-Fear-Hold-Back-Your-Entrepreneurial-InstinctsIf you decide to leave your job and open your own business, there are a few things you assume you’ll leave behind as well. Job security, consistency and a personal life are what some people think they’ll leave behind – and sometimes this is true. The problem here is that when people really start to think about these things, they get worried, and that worrying more often than not leads to fear.

This fear can be used as motivation for some, but more often than not this fear will inevitably stop you from taking the plunge and stop you from creating your dream company. We’re all familiar with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote on fear: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” While the quote may be used quite often, that’s simply because it rings true, and if you can overcome your fear you will head towards greatness. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to keep your fears in check.

Take That First Step – No matter what your instincts may be telling you, the hardest part is taking the first step. However, if you find that the results from this first step aren’t encouraging, don’t abandon hope so quickly. Much like with losing weight, the first step is difficult and most get discouraged when they don’t see any immediate results. Just have patience, and know that the road is long but well worth it. Creating a business plan, getting your financials in order or reaching out to other entrepreneurs are just a few things that you can do to get you started.

Keep The Big Picture In Mind, But Take It One Step At A Time – Tying in above, once you take that first step, make a list of other goals you want to attain. You should keep the big picture in mind, like wanting to become a multi-million dollar company for example, but also make sure to have smaller attainable goals first. Acquiring a certain number of new clients, finding an office space and other similar things are small goals you can start off with. Meeting these smaller goals will keep you motivated as well, since reaching them will let you know that you’re well on your way to the end game.

Drop The Negativity – One of the biggest side effects from fear is the non-stop negativity that comes with it. Your fear makes you believe that you’re incapable of meeting your goals, or worse, that you don’t deserve to reach your goals. There’s no one way to get over this, but it’s important to know that this will take time. Write down what is making you afraid and then list off realistically if your fear is based on facts, or simply something you’ve made up in your head.

Do you feel that you’re now over your fears, or are there still things that you feel are holding you back? I’d love to discuss this topic with you in more detail.