Wish Group Alumni Series – Teri Scott

Teri ScottFor the second edition of the Wish Group Alumni series I have the pleasure of introducing you to Teri Scott, President of Peoplesource Staffing Solutions. Teri joined the organization 4 years ago as a Recruitment Specialist and quickly rose through the organization to Branch Manager, Area Manager the year after and finally President within 3 years of joining the company. Teri is a classic case of an executive who took to an entrepreneurial environment and when most would assume that climbing the ranks to the top seat wasn’t possible in an owner operator environment, Teri choose to treat the company as her own even when it wasn’t and it paid off. Peoplesource has been recognized by Profit Magazine on both their Hot 50 and Fastest 100 fastest growing company in Canada and the fastest growing Human Resources Consulting Firm in the country. Peoplesource has also been honored with several amazing achievements but for Teri she is most proud to have received The Best Workplaces 2009 award, ranking 9th in all of Canada as well as placing 8th on Best Small & Medium Business Employer. This award is based on the internal workings of an organization whereby trust and integrity are the determining criteria. Teri vows to never compromise values, to lead Peoplesource in creative thinking, fresh ideas and unique experiences making the recruitment process enjoyable and successful at all levels.

1)  How did your relationship with Frank and the Wish Group influence or inspire you to get into business for yourself?

My first introduction to Frank was at a Peoplesource event in which he was speaking to the company after a very success Quarter. Anyone that has been in an audience when Frank is speaking understands me when I say that he doesn’t try and speak, he just speaks.  He doesn’t try to capture the attention, interest or win the respect of his audience, it just happens almost magically.  Listening to Frank speak at several company events, seminars or community events has since made me realize that although charisma, approachability, and authenticity are all distinctive qualities that work towards the audiences enjoyment, I think the main reason that Frank’s leadership is so obvious in his talks is because he speaks from the heart.  He has an unmatched ability to take advantage of his own uniqueness and highlights it, making us realize that anything is possible.  Since that time, I have witnessed him speak on several occasions and the same passion and excitement in his voice always shines through.  I became driven to become part of something more.  I wanted to have the ability to be involved in the total operation of the business, from concept to design and creation, from sales to business operations and customer response, and having someone like Frank who was already proven and committed to providing support, guidance and the necessary tools to achieve success, well….the opportunity was the exciting next step!

2)  Which entrepreneur (past or present) do you admire most and why?  

Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, one of the world’s most successful retailers of cosmetics and related products. She is also known as one of the most outspoken social activists in the business world. Anita’s husband, Gordon Roddick went trekking on horse from Buenos Aries to New York leaving her to support herself and two girls.  While her husband was away, Roddick gave birth to The Body Shop. Out of desperation, she created cosmetics out of every ingredient that she stored in her garage. She opened her first shop in Brighton, England, with only fifteen products and was able to finance the store using her house as collateral. With its strong environmental flare and popular demand of the products, Roddick had opened a second shop before her husband’s return of being gone 10 months. Customers wanted to sell the products, and in 1984 the company went public and spread franchises all over England. Today The Body Shop has over 1,980 stores and more than 77 million customers in 50 different markets serving customers in over 25 different languages. Its success put Roddick’s net worth at more than $200 million.

3)  What is your company and what was the motivation to start it?

Peoplesource Staffing Solutions is a Canadian owned and operated staffing agency that helps companies deploy human resources to improve their bottom line.  Peoplesource delivers solutions tailor-made to fit each client’s unique staffing requirements.   Peoplesource is known for their prestigious wins on HOT PROFIT 50, PROFIT 100, as a Great Place to Work, and most recently a Best Small and Medium Employer in Canada.   Peoplesource does not just match people to jobs. We develop a partnership with our customer, determining what the customer defines as success along the way, all while investing time and attention to the growth of the relationship. I wanted to have the ability to be involved in the total operation of the business, from concept to design and creation, from sales to business operations and customer response.

4)  What is the vision for the company in 5 years?

To be viewed as a premium service provider, experts and leaders in our field and viewed as a fresh and innovative company who is excelling in all aspects of the recruitment world.  Oh… and to exceed revenues of 50 million!

5)  How did you raise the capital to start the business?

Stated Simply…Frank!

6)  What is the most successful sales / marketing strategy you’ve ever used?

The more ways the public hears about us, then the better our chances are for achieving brand recognition, name recognition, credibility, trust, and greater market share.  In today’s day and age with everyone becoming so dependent on the internet we have invested in SEO and have found it to have a huge impact on increasing leads and sales generated by attracting more and more candidates and clients to our website.

7)  What other lessons have you learned that other young entrepreneurs could benefit from? 

I learned this early on from Frank and that isNever be satisfied. As a young entrepreneur it’s important to continually push yourself for more success.  There is never too much success!

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