Your website is your best friend

your website is your best friend

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start up or been in business for generations, having a clear, concise and easy to navigate website can be the deciding factor for a customer considering your product or service.
Now, I’m sure while many of you are likely thinking, “that seems pretty obvious”, the fact is that there are many businesses that continue try and get by without optimizing their sites whether it be with regards to SEO, mobile
compatibility or simple navigation.


The most common issue seems to still be relevancy and updating of sites. I’m not talking about changing an address or adding a new executive I’m talking about keeping up with changes in SEO, updates with social media platforms and the most important, ensuring your site is responsive to all devices including tablets and mobile devices.

mobile website increased sales

Although having to keep a keen eye on your site can seem tedious keep in mind it is still your most effective tool when competing in today’s global environment. Here are some key reasons why.

Maximize Your Spend

There are limited surprises when it comes to the cost of your website and web updates. Unlike day to day business a quote on building your site or hours required by internal resources remain fairly steady once you’ve been presented with the work back plan and overall strategy. Further to that you can also cut costs with an effective website whether that is in marketing, sales, communications or HR by ensuring key messages are clear and concise and your SEO strategy provides high ranking in searches.

Never Close the Doors

While your business may close at some point each day, your website provides 24/7 visibility. This means that your company can be researched when a potential client is ready to find out more. If online sales are part of your strategy, you’re basically never closed and your overall increase in revenue is a direct result of your effective site.


This is where transparency can lead to the credibility required to help increase your overall sales. You may have a stellar product with star sales and implementation staff but the problem could be as simple as website not telling this story effectively to the market.

first impressions

As you all already know, word of mouth is a huge driver of business and your site is a great place to house this actual feedback from customers for other potential customers to read. Although it may take a bit of work, working with key clients to build testimonials and reviews for your site will help increase your credibility while also further helping to boost your online rankings.

Content Marketing

Right, so your Marketing department likely has tons of content. The trick becomes balancing this content with a budget and trying to get it into the hands of your potential client base. Your website however, provides an unlimited amount of space to share this content and also to garner leads with both gated and ungated content. Allowing visitors to share content on social media via your site can take your engagement up tenfold and in turn open the door to an even larger potential customer base. Blogs are also a proven tactic to help increase sales via content.


The Mike Agency, the design agency here at Wish Group continues to now work with clients on the next phase of blogs –vlogs.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 42% of internet users say they have watched a vlog within the last month with the majority of vlog viewers( 93%) watching them on YouTube.

All in all, it cannot be ignored. If you’re a business that wants to increase sales, you need an effective website. If you’re a business that wants to educate the public, they want to consume this information online. If you’re getting business in the door and feel that you don’t need a site, think about what you’re missing out on. The question is no longer “do we need a site?” but rather “how are we going to get the most out of our site?”

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