Wish Group Alumni Series – John Nalli

Peoplestore Staffing Solutions was founded in 2009 by John Nalli. Since the growth of Peoplesource Staffing Solutions reaching the title of Fastest Growing Staffing agency in Canada, Frank Cianciulli sold a marginal amount of Peoplesource’s assets to co-founder John Nalli. John has gone on to re-brand the former branch in Mississauga to Peoplestore.

1)  How did your relationship with Frank and the Wish Group influence or inspire you to get into business for yourself?

I’ve literally known Frank ever since we were kids. From a very young age we both had the entrepreneurial spirit. We spent countless nights dreaming of owning our own companies one day. We would sit in his basement and speak about our future businesses as if they were reality. In fact, we attempted a home based business together at a time when many people our age were out doing what teenagers do. At a very young age we learned the discipline and techniques required to be successful. A lot of what we learned was self taught, by reading books and associating with like minded people.

2) Which entrepreneur (past or present) do you admire most and why?

Singer, Songwriter, record company owner, Marshall Mathers. Reason, like myself this individual started his career off with very little other than the willingness to succeed. He had the odds stacked against him. Through perseverance and a commitment to better his life and those around him he pressed on. He is now one of the most successful self made entertainment professionals in the world today. The true testament to his success is that he helps others reach the same type of success. In many ways he’s duplicated his structure. Many of the artists he started in the business now have their own thriving enterprises of their own.

3)  What is your company and what was the motivation to start it?

People Store. Having personally witnessed a tremendous amount of wasted opportunities within the Human Capital industry was what motivated me to set out and make some changes which the industry could emulate. It was this bold step that set a new and exciting level of professionalism which helped to invigorate other firms around me.

4) What is the vision for the company in 5 years?

To continue offering specialized recruitment solutions to companies across Canada, assisting in the betterment of hiring the right caliber people to help those organizations flourish. I believe that if you help enough people get what they want you will ultimately get what you want.

5)  How did you raise the capital to start the business?

Frank and I put our personal funds into the business to get it started, we were profitable after our third month and never looked back.

6)  What is the most successful sales / marketing strategy you’ve ever used?

Picking up the phone!

7)  What other lessons have you learned that other young entrepreneurs could benefit from?

Figure out what you want to achieve, then write it down, tell people about it, put your plan into action and never, ever, ever, give up on your dream.

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