Embrace Uncertainty


After all the years working in a professional business realm I’ve tackled  feelings of being uncertain when it came to making tough decisions that I knew would have a direct effect on my vested interests. In the early stages of my career I’d be pestered by a whole lot of tasks that I wasn’t entirely certain on how I should handle—and that lead to a few stumbling blocks along the way that inevitably brought some decent opportunities to a limit.

In result, I started to pay greater attention to how my feelings of uncertainty were making my aspirations and career a whole lot harder than I realized they could be. This realization led me to come to terms with the fact that there’s rarely a time, if ever, when you won’t be at least a little uncertain; but the catch is: instead of having it work against you, like some burden of weight you carry on your shoulders, you should use it to your advantage. When a tough and complicated decision comes your way, use that uncertainty as the fuel to your fire which propels you to succeed. You’d be surprised. Something that at first comes across as a barrier blocking you from where you want to go, more often than not, is more like a steep set of stairs you can easily climb if you give it an honest go. So there you have it. Embrace those moments when you aren’t sure and don’t hide—you’d be surprised how a little change in perspective can lead you where you want to go.

Ten years from now there will be people who have achieved extraordinary success in every field of endeavor and they definitely won’t be people who have played it safe and stuck to ‘business as usual. Sometimes you need to stretch yourself and risk failure in the process. Don’t get to comfortable. Embrace uncertainty as it will help you realize how much you’re capable of doing.

“Uncertainty can ultimately enrich your life, or diminish it. Embrace it.”

Have a great week.


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